Orlebar Brown

Inspired by 1960s poolside utopia, the Orlebar Brown world draws inspiration from the iconic pictures of Slim Aarons of Riviera and Palm Beach life during that decade.


Orlebar Brown has gained global recognition and has come to embody not just a smarter look on the beach, but a reminder of the sophistication that once went with a more glamorous way of life.


For us, ‘sartorial’ is much more than simply delivering a tailored fit.


Every item we execute is rooted in the belief that form follows function. This gives our apparel a lean silhouette and understated simplicity that supersedes (high) fashion and makes our clothes timelessly flattering.





Orlebar Brown began in 2007 as a more tailored approach to swim shorts, offering an alternative for men with style.


Not so much a swim short but a ‘short you can swim in’, we offer something you can wear on the beach, by the pool and then smart enough to go and have a drink or lunch.


The range has now evolved into a full ready to wear resort collection including Riviera shorts and chinos, sharply tailored sweats and jackets as well as bags and other accessories.